Southern Belle Bride

As a ‘modern day’ southern belle growing up in the deep South, I was raised a proper southern lady to uphold the etiquette and old-fashioned traditional values of the past. Tradition is a very important part of our culture to maintain our history and heritage. My interests include history, reading good books, embroidery, southern cooking, and politics. Believe it or not, I am a strong independent woman, but I stand true to the ideas of the past.

With the memories of the Old South fading, so are the ideas and values of true southern belles and southern ladies. The art and culture of being a true southern belle is dying out, just as the Old South did. Many southern girls and women these modern days, lack the proper upbringing and are not taught the old-fashioned ideas of being a true southern belle or true southern lady. This inspired this webpage as to not forget the past of where we came from.

My 3rd Great-Grandfather was a plantation landowner in Florida before the Civil War. When the war erupted, he went broke supporting the Confederate partly because he donated all his cattle which fed the Florida Confederate Army who were starving at this point. After the Civil War, the former slaves were offered free housing and land on the plantation as long as they wanted if they could work and provide for themselves; and nothing was asked in return. Legend has it that his daughters were devastated and never got over the loss of their belongings and the way of life they had in the past. This inspired me to read more of the history and culture of the Old South.

My education focus was Medieval History in college (2 years of classes), but I love Early American Colonial History and 19th century Southern History. I have a vast history collection of books including many history books (Roman times to Southern 19th century times); and have seen many historic sites firsthand. I only want the facts presented and you can make your mind after reading all the relevant information from this site. Thanks for visiting.

Cotton Field of the South

“Southerners can never resist a losing cause.”

Margaret Mitchell (1900–1949), U.S. novelist. Rhett Butler, in Gone with the Wind (1936)

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